İ Loved the first game, played it fairly but not enough like this one though I felt this game has a whole lot more than the first. The graphics, classes, zeds and maps have improved from the first one showing the improvement and gaming capabilities but also showing the devs listening to the community. The game is simple to pick up, you select a class and survive hordes of zombie like creatures all having different attacks and behaviour, the task is to survive and level up your chosen class to acquire upgrades and become stronger. All the classes have different upgrades that improve their playstyle dedicated to them and with the time and upgrades, can help the player become a stronger player to their team but what is most important in playing this game is team chemistry. If there is a berserker in the game and no field medic, it would be a good idea for that player to fill that role since the game fits pieces together for better teamwork and efficiency. A level 25 berserker would be very strong and would not require a field medic on short wave games but lower level berserkers would require aid and probably a field medic depending on their skill towards the game.Ultimately, this game is very fun and addicting to play watching you evolve your classes and increase difficulty of maps and to see the zeds become harder. The 4 various bosses is also good since the first would only put you against the patriarch and it would always be predictable and easy to defeat him. Different bosses are weaker against types of classes so it isn't always successful. Either way great game just takes a lot of grinding to level up and maps tend to get boring very quickly since the achievements to the game are each difficulty completed on each map and collectibles for each map meaning around 5 achievement for around 25 maps which after about 50 hours, you've played every map and to them complete them on different difficulties just gets a bit tedious, but if achievements and completion doesn't bother you this isn't a huge problem. There are sometimes a few glitches and weird textures, even bits where devs have gave up on the map but besides that, it's a great game and recommend.9/10キリングフロアーのグラフィックをメチャクチャ綺麗にした作品でOK職種は現在は4種。一つ一つがしっかりとした役割があり、どれを選んでも楽しめる。ただ固まって行動すればいいだけのゲームではない。ワザとタゲ向けにしたり、壁役になったり。ゲームの幅は広い。ただワザとなのかたまに凸ってすぐ死ぬ人も多いのも事実。きっと慣れてないんだ。メディックは相変わらず強い。まだまだアーリーアクセスの為バグも多々あるがご愛嬌程度。

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